Teenager gets 30 months in prison for shooting a laser at a plane


A 19 year old from the USA, Adam Gardenhire has been jailed for 30 months for shooting a laser at an airplane. The boy first shot it at a plane landing at an airport and then a police helicopter that came to investigate soon after. According to the police report, the laser struck the airplane pilot’s eye multiple times, causing blindness through to the following day. The helicopter pilot, however, was wearing protective eyegear and was unaffected.

New laws passed at the end of last year in the States about deliberately pointing a laser pointing device at air crafts which as a result enables him to be sentenced for 30 months in prison. Ouch.

But the US Attorney prosecuting the case said:  “Gardenhire basically argued that it wasn’t dangerous, that he couldn’t have known it was dangerous – that basically he was just bored and entertaining himself.  The judge found the facts didn’t bear that out and his behavior was reckless and very dangerous.” So I think he got exactly what he deserved.


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