Telco rap battle may be the best thing since sliced bread


    What started in the UK with telco’s O2 and Tesco, a rap battle over twitter has now reached Australia. While most competitors will avoid mentioning the name of a competitor like they’d avoid a hungry zombie, it seems this afternoon something very different and refreshing played out online.

    After Nehad Kenanie (@nehadk) tweeted the following, the creative 140 characters of rap was picked up by local telcos Vodafone and Telstra.

    Over the following 2 hours the Aussie geek version of an Eminem rhyme broke out. Not to be left out, iiNet also jumped on stage with no word from Optus, I guess they’re bust serving customers. The tweets are pretty funny and as we approach 5pm on Friday, let’s hope the drunk talk turns inappropriate soon.

    Check out the full conversation here – or read below..


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