Telstra 1020 pre-orders cancelled, free 520 as compensation (Updated)


The Nokia Lumia 1020 was set for release in Australia today, sadly that hasn’t happened. This afternoon I received a phone call from an apologetic Telstra that explained Nokia software issues have caused the delay. The bugs must be serious as there was no expected date given to Telstra. Under these conditions, they were forced to cancel pre-orders.

Obviously disappointed, the day was made a little better when they offered a free Lumia 520 as compensation. While the 520 is a long way off the flagship 1020 with it’s 41MP camera, the 520 for free is something I’ll happily take. Looks like mum’s getting a new phone at Christmas. The Nokia Lumia 1020 is/was also scheduled for an Optus release on the 1st of October, no word on the status of those, if you have, leave a comment.

After playing with the 1020 at TechEd, I was going to break contract and probably still will when it ships, but without even a ballpark date for release now, it’s a difficult sell. I could easily see other pre-orders not continuing with the 1020. While the 1520 is a gigantic phone on the horizon, more practically I think the conversation will change to the 1020 successor quite quickly. If this doesn’t land in Australia quickly, they risk offering a ‘flagship phone’ that’s 6 months later than the US release.

It’s not often we see showstopper software bugs prevent products from launching, especially when most companies are well across the zero-day software patches. This has to be a serious one and I look forward to a full detail of the issue from Nokia.


Update: The Lumia 520 arrived today as compensation for not receiving the 1020. While it is frustrating, as far as compensation goes, this is pretty great. The issue clearly lies with Telstra as the Lumia 1020 is being sold on Optus and through retailers like Harvey Norman. As someone mid-way through a 24 month contract on the 920, my only affordable option is to wait for Telstra and Nokia to resolve the issue.

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