Telstra confirms multi-device data share plans are coming

    Telstra Data Share plans

    Sometimes we look at an announcement and wonder what took so long, Telstra’s data share plans are a fantastic example of that. I’ve never really understood how everyday consumers that were prepared to pay for data plans on both their mobile and tablet devices. The good news is that in the future, you won’t have to.

    In the coming months, Telstra will launch new plans which will let you share your data across a number of mobile devices (such as your smartphone, tablet or Mobile WiFi). This is fantastic news and something that allows you to be connected more of the time for less money.

    The practicalities of how this will work are yet to be confirmed, but are likely to require linking multiple sim cards to the same account. When data is used on any of the devices, this would be deducted from the data amount on the account.

    Without an adjustment to plan pricing, Telstra stands to make a lot more money from this move. As our demands for mobile data increases from one device to many, our overall amount of data consumed will inevitably increase. In an idea world, we’d see the standard data amount grow from 1GB to 4GB or higher.

    For a family this could mean that with one plan, you could be connected with your phone, while your kids are online with a tablet, all with a single data cost. Once again, this is awesome and what took so long?

    More info @ Telstra Exchange.

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