Telstra launches new 100Gbps optical link from Sydney to Perth


Australia is a massive continent and running infrastructure from one side to the other, is no small feat. Telstra has just announced, they are launching a new a 100Gbps, low latency optical link from Sydney to Perth. These two locations represent the two key entry and exit points of international traffic to and from Australia.

A link that large, is able to carry around 14,000 simultaneous HD videos or 625,000 songs streamed all at once. Because it’s an optical link, the data moves at the speed of light, in a single wavelength, significantly improving the delivery and reliability of data transfers, particularly for business applications which require low latency.

The connection doesn’t just stop at Sydney, a Sydney to Melbourne leg has double the capacity at 200Gbps. As we see the introduction of 1Gbps consumer plans, upgraded links between large cities and more importantly international pipes are incredibly important to avoid points of congestion.

Telstra recently received a Guiness world record for the world’s longest un-regenerated terrestrial optical transport link. The trial was conducted between Perth and Melbourne, with its reach measuring over 10,000km.

The new optical link was supported by Ericsson and Ciena, the strategic supplier of next-generation optical equipment and services for Telstra’s network.

More information at Telstra Exchange

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