Telstra now stocking wearables in 370 retail stores


One of the hottest tech product categories, wearables, will now be available at Telstra retail outlets. Director of Devices Andrew Volard says their 370 stores will stock a range of 10 wearable products from brands like FitBit, Garmin, Jawbone, Samsung, Huawei and Striiv.

These wearables are a combination of watches and fitness bands and will continue to grow over the following months. Often requiring a smartphone they provide you more access to information, and more importantly more data about you. Embedded sensors are measuring heart rate, steps, sleep and more. Pretty soon this data will transform into recommendations, something Microsoft’s Band had promoted when announced, but we’re still waiting on the execution. Tracking your data is one thing, but changing your life based on the data collected over a period of time, or comparison data to people of similar age and gender, will be the time where wearables move from a great option, to critical, personalised healthcare and productivity devices.

On Tuesday, I sat down with Andy Volard and discussed the process of how products arrive in Telstra retail outlets. With space at a premium, the selection of products is a difficult challenge and companies actually pitch Telstra on being on-show in stores around Australia. Volard says there’s a combination of parameters that are looked at when considering devices for their stores. Sometimes it’s market leaders, other times its products that push the boundaries of technology and do things differently. If you’d like to see different products in-store at Telstra, let them know, they say they’re listening and with enough demand, you’ll have a good chance of it making the cut.

If you buy your wearable from Telstra, you have the option to pay it off over 12 or 24 months if you have an existing Go Mobile Plan with Telstra.


To find out more, check out the launch video below.

More information at Telstra.

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