Telstra T-Box gets an iPhone remote app

T-box iPhone remote app

Telstra are launching a new iPhone app that gives T-Box customers the ability to change the channel, record programs and mute the sound by shaking the iPhone. The T-Box does come with a remote already, but by comparison is small, clunky and crowded. If you are both an iPhone and T-Box owner, it’s a no brainer, get the damn app.

“Internet-enabled entertainment is fast becoming the norm as products like the Telstra T-Box and smart TVs become part of the furniture in living rooms across the country. The technology has evolved from being a novelty for technology enthusiasts into something anyone can understand and use,” Telstra’s Executive Director of Media, J-B Rousselot said.

According to Telstra, around 50% of their mobile customers own a smart phone, which has justified a ‘considerable investment’ in the development of mobile applications. Telstra say an Android version of the app is in development and will available soon.

Since it’s launch, there has been more than 200,000 T-Box’s sold, delivering more than 1.8 Million movies to Australian homes.

More information @ Telstra.

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