Telstra trialling Facebook app to manage your account

My Telstra Facebook app

Telstra are currently trailing a Facebook application that allows customers to check their account details through Facebook. Limited to just 1,000 customers you better be fast if you want in on the trial. Telstra may be the number one telecommunications provider in the country, but by integrating with Facebook, Telstra can gain more knowledge about Australian customers than ever before.

Some may see this as a bad combination of services, but personally I believe having access to your account where you want it is a good thing. There’s an upcoming mobile app for Telstra called My Telstra which offers similar functionality, but in an even more limited release.

While the app allows you to check your balance, it can’t be that far into the future before you can optionally share account info with friends and use Facebook credits to help out friends and family with bills. This bill sharing would also work in share house arrangements. In the future everything happens on Facebook, just time to get used to it.

Telstra   Facebook

You can join the My Telstra Facebook Trial here.

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