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While you’re busy finishing work and getting ready for Christmas tomorrow, Telstra have snuck out some interesting news this morning on Facebook. Telstra are working on app for Google Glass. Their post reads

What features would you like to see in our new Google Glass app?

The post doesn’t ask should they make an app, but rather what features their users want in their app, which we can interpret as proof they are working on it. Google Glass is yet to launch in Australia and only a few lucky Australians are currently using glass after importing them form the US. Google is gearing up for a consumer launch sometime early 2014, where the consumer price will be announced. Right now Google Glass is for developers only and is priced at $1,500.

Google Glass is the epitome of wearables as it offers up new experiences not available in any other way. The heads up display can provide information like navigation, breaking news, social updates and even allow you to watch videos. So when we think about Glass in the context of Telstra, there’s definitely some opportunities to leverage their services, including billing information, sporting and entertainment updates and even news about the latest product releases.

Currently there’s a restriction on developers that means all apps have to be free, so it’s likely the Telstra Google Glass app will have to adhere to this condition. If we look at other apps from Telstra like the 24×7 app, it doesn’t charge for the app, instead makes it easier for you to give Telstra money. Let’s hope they use the power wisely and look at Google Glass as an opportunity to add to the experience of Telstra customers, rather than another mechanism to display ads.

This app adds to the earlier confirmation they are working on a Google Glass app to deliver AFL information for footy fans.


What would you like to see Telstra do with their Google Glass app? Leave a comment below.

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