Tesla can swap a battery in 90 sec, faster than you can fuel your car (Updated)


Innovative electric car company Tesla Motors has shown off it’s latest trick today. Interchanging batteries allows distance issues to be a thing of the past, but the problem has always been the weight distribution. Tesla have solved that problem. Basically the crazy mind of CEO Elon Musk has been hard at work once again solving this issue.

Today Musk demonstrated how using their battery replacement setup, you can drive on to the change platform and have the battery / the bottom of your car, replaced in just 90 seconds. That’s astonishing as it’s much faster than it takes to fuel a traditional petrol power vehicle.

EV has always been criticised at it’s long recharge times, that just got solved. The change station undoes the bolts that hold the battery in place, switches out the battery for a charged one and then tensions the bolts back to the same tolerance that it left the factory with.


By placing the battery in the bottom of the car, the vehicles handling and performance aren’t altered by having a higher centre of gravity, like competitors that place it in the boot. Another massive benefit is that you can stay in the car the whole time this change is taking place.

The change stations don’t come cheap, estimated to be around $500,000, but to change the face of automotive transport forever, it’s a small price to pay. They are building 15 in California along the busiest corridors. This company really is amazing, only surpassed by it’s creator. Stay tuned people, Tesla is here to stay and playing to win.

Tesla Motors have now released the official video from the event which you can watch below.

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