Tesla introduces Self-Schedule Service for Australia and NZ

If you’re a Tesla owner, you’ll want to book your car in for an annual service. Being a modern, technology-based company you’d expect to be able to schedule this service digitally, without picking up the phone.

Well now you can, as Tesla introduces their scheduled servicing to Australia and New Zealand.

Forget about calling and talking to people, there’s a better way now and that’s to fire up Tesla.com and select your preferred date and location.

Tesla says the introduction of self-schedule service is part of our ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality of service to our growing family of Tesla owners.

Another option for servicing is mobile servicing, which allows Tesla to make vehicle repairs at an owner’s home or office. Given EVs feature substantially less serviceable components than regular cars, as many as 80% of repairs can be done outside a service center.

Not only is that super convenient, thanks to Tesla vehicle’s build-in sim card, Tesla can connect to the vehicle and in around 90% of cases, can pre-diagnose repairs, which means they’ll order parts before the appointment to make sure they have everything to solve any issues.

This year, Tesla’s Model 3 is set to launch in Australia (from around mid year), so addressing the service issue is a big deal, given the large distances many potential customers are not located near a capital city. Mobile servicing will be a big deal.

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