Tesla Model Y to come with USB-C ports, ready for the future

We’re now in March, which means the Tesla Model Y, will begin customer deliveries this month. As the Model Y gets closer to your garage, there’s already plenty of them running around the streets and highways of the US.

Twitter user Mr Lee Tesla got close enough to take some interior photos of the Model Y.

The interior shots show an interior that’s very similar to the Model 3 (as expected), but the eagle eyes of Vincent, highlighted one very important difference.

The rear ports (and likely the front USB ports) in the Model Y are USB-C. These 2 ports are located below the rear air vents to enable your passengers in the rear to charge their devices. This is an upgrade on the Model 3 which features USB-A ports.

While not confirmed, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tesla standardise on USB-C for the front 2 USB ports in the centre console as well.

This could be one of the first high-volume vehicles that ships with USB-C connectors built-in. With most laptops, phones, headphones, GoPros and more, all moving to the newer, symmetrical port, it is time we started to get serious about transitioning to it everywhere.

There’s plenty of hotel rooms that still offer Apple’s long discontinued 30-pin connector and USB-A will certainly be with us for a while. The good news is, it’ll get increasingly common to find USB-C connectors everywhere we go. This means a simple, USB-C to USB-C cable becomes a very elegant solution.

Those of us who have added the 3rd party USB hubs, are already enjoying this USB-C future, but did have to manually add this to the Model 3. For the Model Y to add USB-C from the factory, makes lots of sense.

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