Tesla V10 release notes leak online, loads of new features and improvements, but wheres Smart Summon?

One of the best attributes of buying a Tesla is the unmatched commitment to delivering software updates. Having a car that gets better with age, more features and functionality is something brand new and something many auto makers are struggling to keep pace with.

In years gone by auto makers tried to build infotainment experiences internally, but most quickly realised that adding support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay was a quick get out of jail free card, that lets the mobile makers take care of most of the features.

Tesla instead built the whole hardware and software solution, which gives them a huge competitive advantage. While some other auto makers include similar cellular and WiFi connectivity to their cars, nobody has the rate of innovation as Tesla.

In Version 10 of the software, Tesla turns things up to 11 with an assault of new features.

Overnight screenshots of the V10.0 software leaked online, intended only for early access users who were supposed to keep this secret. On the upside, we now learn a lot more about the inclusions for V10.

The new features and improvements include:

  • Cuphead – Tesla Edition
  • Tesla Theater (YouTube and Netflix)
  • Caraoke
  • Driving Visualization (improvements)
  • Automatic Lane Change
  • Feeling lucky or Hungry
  • Maps Improvements
  • Joe Mode (reduces volume of chimes)
  • Software Update Improvements (know which version is coming down)
  • Application Launcher (re-ordered)

Those avid Tesla fans will remember that Elon paused the price increase for ‘Smart Summon’ until V10, but the release notes don’t actually mention the feature at all. This technology allows the car to come and pick you up from across the parking lot, without a driver in the car.

Smart Summon may get added back before the release of V10, but there’s probably equal chances we’ll see it added in V10.1 as they perfect the technology.

Now here’s the screenshots with the detail on each feature.

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