Tesla’s Australian delivery experience video shows what to expect when picking up your Model 3

As Tesla Model 3s arrive in Australia, the logistics around getting vehicles to customers is a significant (albeit good) challenge. While the company isn’t talking sales numbers locally yet, it seems we’re talking about thousands of Model 3s sold.

While the vehicles will be distributed out of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane locations, each store is up against it to get customers their cars as soon as possible.

When you collect your Model 3, the time required will be largely based on how prepared you are. To help new owners understand their vehicle before delivery, Tesla is sending out the following video to customers via email.

The video walks you through the delivery experience on the day, as well as the car’s features and functions. Knowing these items before stepping foot in the Tesla store will minimise questions and make the experience as painless as possible for owners and important efficient for Tesla staff.

The video explains key aspects of the vehicle that are different than most other vehicles on the road. The Tesla staff member details things like the charge port, the door handles, pairing your phone for a key and importantly there’s plenty of detail on the center touchscreen.

One of the most important aspects of owners having a great ownership experience, is their understanding of how to use autopilot. Earlier this year, Tesla detailed that the number one service call was relating to Autopilot. While the video doesn’t showcase any driving, it does show the sales representative detailing how the feature works. Hope this is enough.

The video goes for 10 minutes and if you’re buying a Model 3 in Australia, it’d be a great idea if you take the time to watch it.

After watching and understanding the video, you could convert your pickup experience to a quick defect check, sign the contracts and be on your way in 10 minutes, versus half an hour or more.

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  1. That delivery guy is a condescending idiot, I really trust Tesla doesn’t deliver cars like that guy is doing! Why does he even ask if you are ready to take delivery, is anyone going to go there and say NO I don’t want delivery, and what about the space where there is no spare wheel MISSING on the Tesla, nothing to do with an “fossil fuel car” car or otherwise, its a deliberate omission by Tesla, by not supplying a spare tyre that makes the extra boot space..

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