Tesla’s upcoming software update 2020.24.5 adds side cameras and new icons

In a new photo of an upcoming software update, we can see Tesla have added the side cameras to the rear camera view.

This is being used while the car is driving, which provides additional visibility down each side of the car and will give drivers more confidence when changing lanes.

The display also includes some new symbols we haven’t seen before on the Model 3’s screen. In the top left of the display (obvious China are a LHD market), we see a car icon with a mute symbol on top, suggesting the chimes have been muted.

There’s also a new ‘READY’ text that sits between the gear selection and KM/H. It isn’t immediately obvious what this READY status actually indicates.

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Thanks to good friend of the site, Long Zheng, it seems the READY indicator is a requirement for EVs in China, so not something we’re likely to see anywhere else.

There’s also a new green battery icon, next to the range which in this owner’s instance is expressed in km.

Given we already have the remaining battery indicated by the battery icon on the right, it would make sense that this new green battery icon represents the status of the 12V battery in the car.

The post also confirms the traffic lights visualisation, as part of the FSD Preview, is also arriving in China.

Australia recently got software version 2020.20.13, so this release looks to be many builds later and is likely part of the early access program.

We now have a second user, also from China, confirming the new feature.

Update 2
We now have some footage of the feature in action, with the side cameras being used while reverse parking.

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