Tesla’s V10 software update and Smart Summon is still 4-8 weeks away, FSD price on hold till then

Version 10 of Tesla’s software looked to be almost complete, with Elon Musk posting back in August that it was going out to those on the early release program.

Since then we’ve seen a few people post videos of newer releases of the Smart or Enhanced Summon feature that will be delivered as part of the V10 update.

Musk also tied an increase in Full Self Driving to the V10 release which he now says is about 4 to 8 weeks away. Best case it’s around the 20th of September, worst case, it’s October or may even tip into November.

Smart Summon allows you to request the car come pick you up when it’s parked and there’s nobody in the driver’s seat. When you’re done at the shops, it’d be lovely to have the car come to meet you, especially if it was raining.

The videos of the feature so far, show the car being extremely cautious and the technology would need to improve rapidly in a fairly short period of time to be practical. The biggest complaint is around the speed at which the system works. Likely a result of the feature being in its testing phase, Tesla are right to be cautious, remembering that maneuvering vehicles without a driver is all brand new.

In the best case scenario, you’d also be able to get out of the car in a busy shopping center, right near the entry door and let the car go find a park, but it seems we’re a long way away from that.

Given Musk’s self-imposed aggressive timelines on FSD, it’s now feeling very unlikely the ‘feature complete’ stage will be achieved before the end of the year.

The price of FSD is currently $8,500 in Australia and Musk has indicated that when V10 arrives with Smart Summon enhancements, that’ll attract an increase in price. Right now, with the delay in the delivery of V10, that means the company is also holding off on increasing the price.

Below is an example of where the technology is currently at, at least in the builds that have made their way outside of Tesla.

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