Test the Tech at OfficeWorks, Logitech UE Boom 360 degree speaker


In this video, we take a look at Logitech’s UE Boom. Ultimate Ears, acquired by Logitech back in 2008, claims it emits sound in all 360 degrees and we put that to the test. To test this used is an iPhone rig running a sound metering app, decibels which measures audio levels over a period of time. Walking around the UE Boom speaker at a set distance, while measuring the output from the app, it shows the UE Boom does live up to the claim.

So from the results we can see there were some slight drop offs in audio at 30 and 120 degrees, but at just 2db variation it’s unlikely you’ll even notice. This makes it a great solution for dropping it on a table in the middle of a room, or even on an outdoor table to play your music anywhere. One of the best features I like is the ability to pair a second UE Boom to the same source, allowing you to fill a large space with the same music.

Alternatively you can have a second Boom operate in stereo mode delivering left and right audio independently, making it great for applications like the office or bedroom.  If you’re not a fan of the black, it also comes in Blue, Red, Orchid (purple) and blue steel.

For more information check out Logitech or get it from Office Works for A$147.00.


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