The ABC just got hacked by Anonymous (Updated)


    Australia’s ABC has just been hacked by a hacker by the name of Phr0zenMyst in response to a recent Lateline interview that the hacker representing Anonymous says was anti-islam.

    HackerThe pastebin link above shows:

    Australia’s ABC subdomain hacked for giving Geert Wilders a platform to voice anti-Islam anti-Muslim hatred. #OpWilders

    As well as links to dumps of what looks to be around 50,000 user and moderator data. Even though the passwords are encrypted, the database leak includes your IP address and even your longitude and latitude – which means your location has been leaked.

    This followed an interview on ABC’s Lateline of Geert Wilders, a Dutch known to be openly against Islam and Immigration.
    ABC 774 has tweeted that “IT is investigating”

    We’ll keep you filled in when we have more details.

    Update: The AnonymousIRC twitter account just made a couple of tweets about their stance on it


     Update 2: ABC has released an official statement regarding the matter

    Overnight the ABC was made aware that an ABC television program website was hacked. The website relates to the ABC television program Making Australia Happy, which aired in late 2010.

    At this stage, we are still investigating the details of the breach. However, we do know that it has exposed the name, username and a hashed version of the password that audience members used to register on the program website.

    As soon as the ABC was made aware of this activity the site was shut down.

    This breach originated at an overseas location and an activist has claimed responsibility for it.

    The ABC will be in contact with audience members who have been directly affected.




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