The best #IfIHadGlass was by Jeff Jarvis


Last week Google posted a new competition to tweet and post to Google+ for the chance to pay them $1,500 for Glass. They have just tweeted that the competition is now closed and that the response was ‘overwhelming’. While I watched the #tag closely, the very best that I spotted was from TWiG co-host and creator of BuzzMachine, Jeff Jarvis.

His post on Google+ truly encapsulated the possibilities that Google Glass affords and Google needs to ditch the fee and just give Jarvis a pair of glasses already. Author of titles such as ‘What would Google do?’ and ‘Public parts’, Jarvis is on of the greatest minds of this generation.

So few people understand the future as well as Jarvis that it makes it difficult for our tiny brains to comprehend how Glass will challenge and create new social norms in the future. There’s no doubt that Jarvis would show the full capacity of what Glass could achieve and push the boundaries of what’s possible and acceptable. ‘Changing journalism forever’ is a bold claim, but one I have no doubt he is capable of executing on.


“OK Glass: if you’ve seen a better #Ifihadglass post on Twitter or Google+, then let us know in the comments.”

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