The Block promotes EV charging and Tesla Powerwall battery solar storage to future-proof homes

The Block is one of the highest-rating shows on Australian TV (last Sunday they took out top spot with 1.08 million viewers). Tonight the judges gave their assessment of 3 rooms per couple. One of those rooms was the garage.

With a week left in this year’s competition, most of the garages were certainly not elaborate, as budgets were stretched. Despite that, each garage contained the elements to future-proof the garage.

Two important elements found in a modern garage is a charging point for electric vehicles that’ll inevitably be stored in said garage.

The other element is battery storage to preserve the energy captured from the solar panels on the room. In tonight’s episode the Tesla Powerwall was predominantly displayed, possibly a result of some sponsorship deal.

One of the most important messages to come from the show tonight, was to confirm to the Australian audience, just how the expectation has now become that these features are available in new homes. While the show is usually a lot more about the drama than the technology, this was a welcome inclusion.

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Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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