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Ice Cream Sandwich
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Google is holding an event this afternoon to announce the details of their upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich update, to their mobile OS Android. This release is designed to resolve the highly criticised version issues experienced with Android devices. It should also unify the experience between Android phones and tablets, something that has frustrated developers and prevented uptake.

It’s refreshing to finally have a press conference in this part of the world, while it may late for those in the US, a Hong Kong announcement fits well with Australians. The event has the tag line ‘Calling all possibilities’ and features Google and Samsung logos.


Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) details:

  • J.K. Shin, Samsung president says Android is #1 Smartphone platform in the world.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich will feature Google + integration and a Connected Cloud experience.
  • Samsung now biggest manufacturer of Android devices.
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus announced – Curved design, LTE/HSPA+, 4.65” Super AMOLED display, 1280×700 res, 1.2Ghz processor, 1080p video recording with shake reduction, NFC and will be first Android 4.0 device [details]
  • Kevin Packingham, senior VP detailed the phone, will be released in America, Europe, Asia.. no mention of Australia.
  • New typography called ROBOTO. The start of a new design philosophy for Android.


  • The design of Android 4.0 includes resizable widgets, folders for apps, new notifications and more.
  • Keyboard – Auto suggest improved, cut copy and paste selection improved, instant talk to text.
  • Face recognition to unlock your phone (demo failed).
  • Google Chrome is the default browser in Android 4.0. Pages can be saved for offline viewing.
  • Redesigned core Gmail app, Calendar app, YouTube app.

Android 4.0Android 4.0 ChromeAndroid 4.0 GmailAndroid 4.0 Calendar

  • Data usage is broken down per-app and delineated between foreground and background application data use.
  • Camera – Zero shutter lag, share to any app that hooks into the Android sharing API. Multiple shots can be taken in succession very quickly. Photo editing tools added right into the camera app. Panorama auto-stitching built-in.
  • Option to instantly upload / sync to Google+
  • New gallery app for photos.
  • New People app, similar to People Hub in WP7, has support for ‘any social network’.

Android 4.0 Camera appAndroid 4.0 Gallery App

  • NFC now called Android Beam. API available to developers –
  • Android 4.0 will ship on first on the Samsung Nexus shipping worldwide in November.

Watch Live
Google are streaming the event live at

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