The fan made Windows 8 commercial that Microsoft should use


Ahead of the retail launch of Windows 8 later this month, many have questioned how Microsoft will market the new operating system. Below is a creation by YouTube user rimondliu who says he made the commercial for an assessment. The video attempts to answer the long running question of how we ended up at version 8 despite there being many more versions in the Windows timeline.

The versions conveniently leaves out Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, whichever way you slice it, getting to 8 never works out. Moving on from that, the rest of the video is actually serious professional for a fan-made video. Highlighting some of Win8’s best features including additional speed, new app store, entertainment, gaming and multi-device support (PC and tablet).

Enough of the words, enjoy 62 seconds of creative genius that Microsoft should consider using for advertising Windows 8. It’s a shame this video only has 1,500 views for the time that clearly went into it.

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