The Mana Bar, a new bar for mainstream gamers

    The Mana Bar

    First off, I love this idea as a concept. Combining two of my favourite activities, gaming and partying, The Mana Bar claims to be (and I believe them) Australia’s first video game bar. Combining alcohol with gaming is potentially a recipe for a great night out. Attempting to take the modern day house party into a licenced venue is bold move.

    Located in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, renovations are nearing completion for a launch any day now. It’s new venues like this, run by people who really understand what people want, that will likely take advantages of new technologies like location aware mobile apps like Foursquare. Hopefully we see the mayor get a free drink, or game priority.

    What they need to be careful of, is attracting a disproportionate quantity of guys, therefore becoming uninviting to females. With the right vibe, this idea has massive potential. If this works out, expect to see a Mana Bar in your city soon. Guaranteed there’ll be copy-cats as well, so TheManaBar needs to stay ahead of the curve and continue to innovate.

    The Mana Bar

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