The new Myspace redesign has potential to be awesome


Myspace is dead, gone and buried right? Not quite. The once giant social network is starting over. With a complete rethink and redesign of their site, the new clean, click design looks incredibly impressive. Of course you can’t just put a new face on and old pony and make the kids want it.

Leveraging their biggest strength, music, the new Myspace looks to be the destination for music. The problem is of course that they are incredibly late to the game. During the video preview we see the ability to play back music and even video clips, which begs the question about cost and licences.

One option is that Myspace has a new subscription service and deals with the labels to deliver the now benchmark 16 million tracks. The other option of course is that we just get music samples, with options to buy. This is not interesting and if that’s the whole offer, then we can safely move on.

What would be an amazing move is for the rumoured Spotify web version to be integrated into the new Myspace design. This would allow anyone with a Spotify subscription to enjoy not only the music and playlists they love, but to get supplementary information on their favourite bands.

The very delicious UI is something Myspace should be commended for, taking cues from the new Metro UI styling while borrowing some areas from Pintrest. Enjoy the preview video below and ponder if all of this gloss is great but too late for Myspace.

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