The next version of OSX is called “El Capitan”

    During Apple’s WWDC keynote, they announced the next version of OSX which has been officially titled, OS X El Capitan.

    As usual, there’s lots of new features, and below, we’ve listed the most important.


    To find your cursor, you can now rapidly move your mouse, or finger over the trackpad and the mouse cursor grows in size. When you stop, it returns to the normal size and you know where the cursor is. This works well for high resolution displays.

    Audio on Safari tabs can now be easily controlled. This is available in Chrome and coming to Microsoft Edge in Windows 10.

    Apple just got a big round of applause for adding snap to OSX, a feature that’s been in Windows since Windows 7 and has been enhanced in 8, 8.1 and made even better in Windows 10. Apple are also adding the ability to drag and drop applications between desktops.

    There are big performance improvements coming to OSX, they’re claiming El Capitan launch “Up to 1.4x faster” to launch apps and 40% reduction in CPU usage during graphics tasks. Under the branding of ‘Metal’ these graphics improvements improve 3D performance in games, as well as a nice 8x improvement in rendering effects in Adobe After Effects.

    Release Date

    A public beta is coming in July, but OSX developers will get the bits for OSX El Capitan today. As expected, the update will be free.

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