The second round of Formula E was pretty eventful

Formula E season 5 is underway and the second race in Marrakesh in Western Morocco. Armed with the Gen2 cars that have increased range and power, the category still charge driver’s with the responsibility of regulating the brake pedal.

With ABS banned, driver’s need to make split second decisions about when to brake and how much pressure to apply. Getting this wrong could have dire consequeses. Still new to these cars, combined with a dusty track, fans only had to wait till the first corner for an incident.

This season, new manufacturers, BMW, Nissan and DS Automobiles arrived in the sport. In just their 2nd race, the BMW team mates were leading the race when things went wrong, very wrong for De Costa and Sims. Breaking the first rule of racing – don’t take out your team mate, an attempted pass seen a locked brake put the leader in the wall and the team giving up both spots on the podium.

Formula E does some very different things to Formula 1. First off all, they’re incredibly engaging and respond to lots of fans posts on social media.

A new feature of races in this 5th season, “Attack Mode” unlocks an additional 25 kW of power for drivers when they cross a dedicated area on teh track. While this is off the racing line, the extra boost provides plenty of power to counter any time lost and provides additional opportunities for passing. Attack Mode was used to great effect during Race 2.

If you missed the race live (Seems like it is now hardware to watch live from Australia this year), check out the highlight reel that shows the eventful race.

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