The web just got more beautiful, IE9 officially released


Rolling out across the world right now is Microsoft’s latest browser – Internet Explorer 9. Turns out its already popular with the beta more than 40 million times.


New features
Internet Explorer 9 is fast, as in really fast. Today is the day we all need to be thankful Google Chrome entered the browser market because this is the result. Microsoft went back to the drawing board and thought about the types of activities that real people actually do day-to-day and made them better. These included browser startup-time, page load times and add-ons loaded to name a few.

Taking advantage of the underutilised horsepower inside a modern PC, IE9 uses the GPU to get content to your screen. Given most of today’s websites are heavily JavaScript-based, there’s been a brand new JavaScript engine under the hood, codenamed Chakra. This means scripts that execute when loading pages or interacting with sites all execute faster than ever before.

Clean User Interface
In this release, Microsoft has stripped back from any branding or unnecessary fluff, allowing websites to be front and centre. By default, your Menu bar, Favourites bar, status bar are all off to save valuable pixels. This also provides websites with more screen real estate to play with

Improved standard support
IE9 is also better with new format support, this means developers can start to create some new interactive experiences. Capitalizing on new HTML5 and CSS3 support, the apparently will be more beautiful.

Check out a new game in-browser game Way out wars, where players hear tracks from EMI playback. You gain points by typing the name of the artist of said song, the more points the faster you get it. If the time expires, your out. Take a second to View > Source and see the gorgeous clean code that drives it. Try it out yourself @


Pinning sites
Something else that impacts website developers is the ability for users to pin your site on their Taskbar. This pushes your site to have the same importance as a desktop application. Take advantage of this by including Win7 Jump Lists.


With this release, IE is not longer the joke of browsers (looking at you IE6), but rather the new market leader. The great news is that when your non-tech-savy friends get a new computer, you won’t have to rush to throw Chrome on there, sorry Firefox but you snooze, you loose.

IE9 mobile
While we’re on browsers its interesting to read that the upcoming IE9 mobile on WP7 is being shown off at SXSW in Austin. Enough acronyms for you ?

IE9 is now available for everyone (not you XP users) to download today from
Get a full run down of all the Internet Explorer 9 features here –

Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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