The Xbox One S is out, here’s a banana for scale


    Today the first Xbox One S consoles started arriving to Australia and around the globe. Those keen gamer’s are naturally sharing their photos of the new Microsoft hardware on social media. One of the classic photos is the one with a banana for scale (thanks Reddit) as proof positive its totally 40% smaller than the first Xbox One.

    While the new smaller size is great, some people are buying the Xbox One S to take advantage of the new 4K video playback support. Netflix and YouTube applications support video playback in 4K and where its supported, HDR to make movies look amazing, but you will need a TV that supports these features to take advantage of it.

    Of course the entire Netflix catalogue is not available in 4K, however the supported content will continue to grow thanks largely to Netflix’s own commitment to film all Netflix originals in the higher quality.

    In terms of getting 4K content to your TV, the Xbox One S is now one of the best options. There’s a tone of content on YouTube which can be found easily by searching 4K inside the app.

    Also new with the Xbox One S is the upgraded controller which borrows the learning form the Xbox Elite controller.

    The Xbox One S costs A$549.00 and Australia is one of a select number of countries that has a launch version with 2TB of internal storage. Of course you could always connect an external drive to expand your storage, but the portability is certainly reduced.

    For more information, head over to Xbox.


    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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