They’re coming: Tesla Model 3 customer cars spotted in transit [Updated with video]

Australians are anxiously awaiting the delivery of their Tesla Model 3s. This afternoon, Slava Kozlovskii snapped some photos of a delivery truck full of new Model 3s for Australian customers.

While the media fleet has been widely shared, this is the first time customer cars have been seen outside Tesla.

The cars on the transporter were spotted near Bowral and are either headed to Canberra, or Melbourne. Personally I hope Melbourne, as that White with 18″ Aero wheels (black interior) is the spec I ordered (Performance-).

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The cars reveal blue and white Model 3’s with the 18″ aero wheels, along with Performance variants in red and black, easy to spot with their red brake calipers.

Overnight there’s now been video posted on the Tesla Owners Club of Australia Facebook page. We see a truck load of Model 3s on their way down the Hume Fwy, near Picton, NSW.

It’s worth noting that this is a different truck to the one seen above. That’s at least 14 customer cars we can confirm are on their way to delivery. After being transported in the open, they’ll need a clean and a software update before being delivered to customers. The first Australian deliveries are expected this week.

The wait for Model 3s to arrive in Australia has been a long one. Some enthusiastic Tesla fans, placing their reservations (A$1,500) back in 2016, even before the car was revealed by Elon Musk.

Tesla then brought a few LHD models to Australia so potential buyers could at least see the vehicles, get inside them and experience the minimual interiors.

From there the order page went live earlier this year where another $3,000 was deposited to lock in the specific vehicle configuration.

As customers wait for an invoice to be generated and a call from the delivery manager in their state, having eyes on the cars is certainly a welcome relief that they are in the country and coming soon.


Tesla first advertised an (estimated) August delivery date. With only just over a week before the end of August, it seems only a lucky few will receive their vehicles by the end of the month, but that does give Tesla the ability to tick the box, meeting their timeline (kind of).

It seems most Australians will recieve their cars in September, with the current order page now showing an estimated delivery date of October for new orders.

Let us know in the comments if you ordered one.

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Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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  1. Hi Jason, FYI I ordered a white SR+ with FSD in early May after reserving it in February with a stated delivery date of August and a total deposit of $4500. Whilst I’ve completed all the required forms sent through the Tesla website, I’ve yet to be sent an invoice and date/time for pickup. I’ve been keeping my fingers, and toes, crossed but despite all the pain, it looks like I won’t be getting my car till September.

    Cheers and keep up the good work,

  2. Sorry Jason – Canberra Carways truck means destination Canberra (at least I’m hoping!!). And that white car is definitely a nuclear fusion powered car. Ordered the White P- changed to LR AWD black interior.

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