Think PCs are dead? 28 and 32-core chips coming in 2018.

Taiwan’s Computex is proving to be one of the most interesting conferences of the year with some big announcements from a range of hardware companies. Perhaps no bigger is the processor performance battle at the top end of the market. To start, Intel announced a crazy 5GHz processor by the end of the year that features no less than 28 cores.

Inside your PC right now may be a 4 or 8-core CPU, so a 28-core just seems like insanity. At an expected price of more than $2,500, it’s going to be the most expensive single chip, along with the best performing. So with that news it looked like Intel were going to steal the show.. that was until AMD stepped up to the plate.

AMD followed up with a 32-core processor with their Gen 2 Threadripper. Expected in the third quarter of this, the 12nm chip has a stunning 64 threads, which means your multi-threaded applications are going to distribute their tasks accordingly and dramatically reduce the overall time to complete a task.

These are both hardcore enthusiast builds or professionals that really have a firm understanding that time is money. Investing in hardware, albeit expensive, is likely cheaper than paying wages for humans while they wait. How successful these top chips are remains to be seen, but it is a strong sign the PC industry is alive and well with competition, competition consumers ultimately benefit from.

If you missed the AMD press conference from Computex 2018, you can replay it below.

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