This 18yo’s photos of SpaceX launches are ridiculous

John Kraus is an 18 year old photographer who loves documenting rocket launches and being from Florida, he’s got access to photograph SpaceX launches.

The images published on his website are just phenomenal. I’m not sure what you were doing at 18, but I wasn’t investing my time in taking some of the best photos on the planet (ironically of a rocket leaving the planet). If you’re looking for a new wallpaper, then this is a great place to start, if you’re looking for some new artwork for your walls, then check out his SmugMug online print shop here.

Each photo or group of photos features a description of the documented event and for those playing at home, looks like he shoots Nikon. It really is fantastic to see someone so young, be so passionate about a topic like Space and one who’s also so technically and naturally talented to capture it and share it with the world.

Do yourself a favour and follow him through his social channels at InstagramFacebook, and Twitter

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Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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