This F1 2017 mod for Assetto Corsa is absolutely brilliant

    Chances are if you’re an uber fan of Formula 1 and a fan of gaming, you’ll be hanging out for F1 2017 so you can experience that awesome new grip available with this year’s upgraded cars.

    If you’re like me, August 25 feels way too long to wait, so I went searching for a solution now. Turns out there’s a way to get behind the 2017 hybrid spec cars with those super fat rear tyres.

    To get this DLC, you’ll need Assetto Corsa, one of the most popular racing sims and while available on consoles, its the PC version you want, so you can add 3rd party DLC.

    The guys from Race Sim Studio have built the Formula RSS 2, which at its heart reflects this year’s cars, while not specifically being a copy + paste of any specific manufacturer’s aero kit.

    While the car was officially released back in June, its now as we arrive at the British Grand Prix round of the F1 Championship, combined with Silverstone offers up one of the best circuits to test the car on. Thankfully Assetto Corsa features that brilliantly challenging, high-speed track.

    The car costs €3.99, convert those Euro’s into Aussie dollars and you’re up for a PayPal bill of just A$6.15. For the level of detail applied here, the price of admission is easily worth it.

    After downloading the car, you simply follow the installation instructions to copy the folder into the right AC data folder on your PC. When you’re done, fire up the game and your new car will be waiting.

    The car comes with some generic liveries which are fine, but what’s awesome is the developer community is exploding with customisations including Daniel Ricciardo’s Red Bull. If you’re the creative type, you can even grab a PSD template and design your own. Place the files in the Skins directory and the game will then offer that livery as a new option in the vehicle selection screen.

    From the moment your start driving the F1 2017 Hybrid, you notice the brilliant replication of the engine and turbo sounds of this year’s car. Its fantastic to listen to and dramatically enhances the experience compared to racing the 2015 models.

    While the sound is amazing, its the extra downforce and mechanical grip that translates through the steering wheel that gives you the ability to take corners at breakneck speeds. At almost every corner of Silverstone, you’re a full gear up on the 2015 F1 car and the car is just planted at high speed.

    The most difficult challenge is often the low-speed corners where you’re quickly reminded of the ludicrous amount of power under your right foot.

    When you buy this mod, you also get 2 versions of the car, one with the shark fin (which we can unanimously agree is terrible) and one without. All in all, its a brilliant way to get behind the wheel of a current-spec F1 car well ahead of the official F1 2017 release.

    If you’re at all into Sim racing, I strongly suggest you give it a go. Its certainly the only hope you have of comparing lap times with the real guys, as the change this year was so dramatic its a 4-5 second difference between 2016 and 2017 cars.

    More information at

    Formula RSS 2 released!


    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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