TikTok now lets you customise your For You Page, add filters to improve your feed

If you’re addicted to TikTok, you’ll know that what comes up on your For You Page has always been determined by an algorithm, not by you. Today, that’s changing, with a new ability for users to customise the content they see.

As you watch videos on TikTok, their AI magic is monitoring your engagement – how long you watched a video, what kind of videos do you watch more of, if you tapped like if you left a comment etc. This data has been used to create a feed specifically for you, but today, TikTok are recognising they don’t always get it right in predicting what you want to see.

You will now be able to filter your ‘For You’ page to filter out hashtags you don’t care about or annoy you. Maybe you just got back from an amazing holiday and don’t want to be tempted to book another, or miss your cat and don’t want to see others in your feed.

TikTok says this may take a few weeks to reach all users, so if you don’t see it yet, just wait longer.

More information at TikTok.

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