TikTok star Francis ‘train guy’ Bourgeois brings his joy to Formula One in Miami

If you’re not on TikTok, then chances are you haven’t experienced the absolute delight that is Francis Bourgeois. He’s more commonly known as ‘the train guy’ on TikTok and has amassed 2.5M followers and over 45.5M likes on the platform.

Francis is famous for his unapologetic love for trains and his knowledge of train models is astounding. His videos remind us all of how we as kids were amazed by often the most basic things, but as adults, we often lose that sense of wonder and amazement.

What’s also unique about Francis is his camera work, often using an unconventional head-mounted GoPro that isn’t particularly flattering, but does a great job of capturing the trains passing by, and his glowing smile of joy.

This fame has now elevated Francis to new heights, with the Williams Formula One Team, currently in Miami, giving him an incredibly rare chance to sit in an F1 car. Unsurprisingly, his smile came with him, as did a GoPro MAX to capture it all.

Congrats and never lose that smile.

Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwrighthttp://techau.com.au/author/jason/
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