TiVo Australia dead, shutting off the servers in October this year

    Back in 2013, I broke the news that TiVo Australia was dead. Then I posted about what you should replace your TiVo with. Today, those posts are more relevant than ever, with TiVo users receiving notification that the service is officially being switched off as of October 31, 2017. If by some miracle you still have working hardware, it’ll be nicely convert to a fantastic door stop.

    Your TiVo device will have extremely limited functionality and we discourage customers from using it after 31 October.


    Depending on the age of your TiVo, users are being given different options. Some are receiving a ‘Tivo Swap Out Offer’ which is a discount of $100 off a Fetch Mighty device, while others are left out in the cold. In reality, time has moved on since TiVo was a meaningful product in Australia. There’s now digital catchup services from virtually every channel and Smart TVs have apps that make accessing that content on TV super easy. If you still want a DVR/PVR I still think the Humax 2Tune or 4Tune are excellent replacements.


    The message sent to users is below.

    Thanks to Nathan and Celicajim for the emails.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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