TrafficMate WP7 app uses live data. GPS just got smarter.

Recent Australian Bureau of Statistics research showed that 750,000 people in Queensland travelled to work by car, motorbikes or even scooters. It’s not surprising that congestion and traffic delays are an ever increasing frustration.

Ezi Data Solutions have created a Windows Phone app called TrafficMate. This app uses up-to-the-minute information on traffic congestion caused by peak times, accidents, road works etc, to allow for live re-routing. GPS as we know them today choose the most efficient route from A to B based on estimated time on standard conditions.. i.e. speed being 100km/hr which assumes traffic travels at 100km/h along that stretch of road. In reality, we all know the story is quite different.

Constantly changing conditions mean that route A may have been the fastest way at first, but due to an accident and one lane being closed, that route B is now the more efficient path. This indicates the power of having live information by  comparison to out-of-date and effectively incorrect information.

User-submitted traffic events and incidents contribute significantly to the TrafficMate data which adds to data. The app polls the server every minute to check for updated incidents to keep you up-to-date information relevant to your situation. The application currently supports QLD and NSW with plans for other states and cities to follow shortly.

Cameron Moses and James Burning from Ezi Data Solutions sat down with techAU for a chat about TrafficMate at Tech.Ed Australia 2011.

TrafficMate is available in the WP7 Marketplace for free now! For more information, check out

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