Tritium announce PKM150 EV charger, ready to scale for ‘charging parks’

Electric Vehicle chargers are evolving rapidly and Queensland-based Tritium has just announced their latest chargers. Building on their successful RTM platform, they have just announced their new PKM platform, which targets a couple of key challenges in the industry.

Scalability – While we’ve typically seen 2 or 4 chargers at a location, increasingly common are ‘charging parks’ where dozens are chargers are located at one site. We’re seeing this internationally, but as Australia’s adoption of EVs continues over the coming decade, we’ll also likely experience the same phenomenon.

Economy – Installing charging infrastructure right now is really expensive, so it’s important you run a little ahead of demand, but don’t overbuild supply. The PKM platform allows chargers to be added to a site over time, as demand requires. Each power cabinet can supply up to 4 chargers and each of those chargers can have up to 2 vehicles charging simultaneously.

By wiring the site with just DC power, Tritium is able to use lower gauge wiring, delivering dramatic cost reductions with a reduced amount of copper required.

The power supply is no longer run in pairs, meaning if a charger needs to be taken offline for maintenance, it can be done individually, without disrupting the service to the remaining chargers.

The PKM platform also uses smaller gauge copper wiring which also helps dramatically reduce costs.

Overall this new PKM platform looks to be a real improvement to EV charging and should help Australia and many countries around the world, scale their charging networks more economically.

You can watch Tritium’s Europe and Asia Pacific launch stream below.

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