Trump to modernise America’s Air Traffic Control System

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    Today the President of America, Donald Trump announced ‘its time to join the future’. Trump says a major source of  frustration and ultimately cost is America’s out of date Air Traffic Control System that manages almost a billion flights per year.

    The Aviation Innovation Reform and Reauthorization Act is actually not new, as indicated by this article on May 13, last year (almost 12 months ago) which suggests the several reforms removes America’s air traffic control system from the Federal Aviation Administration and creates a federally chartered, nonprofit corporation.

    Trump says the airline industry in America still relies on radar and ground control tracking systems, when almost all of us have GPS enabled devices in our pockets. Trump says, the technology is:

    “Ancient, broken, antiquated, horrible system that doesn’t work. “

    Currently many air traffic control towers are still 360 degree glass boxes which assumes there’s need to line of sight to an aircraft as it lands and takes off. With the technology available today, this would no longer be necessary and the control center could be relocated, with air traffic controllers using digital displays.

    Under the new plan, a new, not for profit entity would have access to ‘the best equipment in the world’. The badly outdated system proposed would optimise flights so passengers spend less time on the tarmac or circling above the airport while they wait for a slot in the landing cue.

    Image credit: Saab Group

    “Making flights quicker, safer and more reliable.”

    Today’s speech was very different than the one’s we’re used to since he took office. President Trump was focused on an issue that would improve America, by privatising the Air Traffic Control system in an effort to update it and make it more efficient, reducing the frustrating wait times, often experienced.

    You can watch the announced below, just remember, this, like many other announcements, are just that, there’s still a long way to approval of the plan. Also however efficient you make the takeoff, landing process, much of the wait during trips that involve flights is the stuff inside the terminal, particularly the security process which if anything, in light of recent events, will take longer.



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