Tuesday TED Talk: What will future jobs look like?


We’re doing something new here at techAU and that’s featuring a different TED Talk each Tuesday. For years I’ve been inspired by these talks from stunning individuals across the globe. Take a few minutes out of your day to move past the political disasters or the sitcom reruns and use some of your precious time on this planet to sit back and experience awe.

TED talks aren’t given by those people who work 9-5, have a mortgage and 2.5 kids, these people are the crazy ones, the ones that dare to dream and not can, but are changing the planet for the better. They’re not designed to be a tutorial, rather impactful and though provoking, just what we need to pull us away from our daily grind and remember the world is a big place full of incredibly talented human beings.

This is not something you’ll see on TV, no they’re still focused on what is going wrong on planet earth, the horrors, tragedies and tears. I prefer to live with the glass half-full and anxiously await what’s next while looking forward. Sit back, relax and enjoy Tuesday TED Talks, you owe it to yourself to know everything that life could be, what it should be, amazing. And by the way, remember all I ask of you is a few minutes of your time, some of these people dedicate their lives, something we only get one of, make it count. 

To begin Tuesday TED Talk, this week we’re featuring a talk by Andrew McAfee, not the crazy one, on What will future jobs look like?. 

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