Turnbull announces Ziggy as Chairman of NBNCo board


    This afternoon Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced the new NBNCo board. These people are the new leaders in charge of rolling out the FTTN NBN across Australia. As we know Turnbull was very critical of the NBNCo accusing them of not having the adequate experience to run a communications project of this scale. Back in July the CEO Mike Quigley resigned from the position. After the recent federal election, 5 of the remaining 7 board members were asked by Turnbull to offer their resignations, which the Coalition accepted 4.

    The new Chairman of the NBNCo Board is former Telstra and Optus chief executive Dr Ziggy Switkowski. Turnbull says they have officially commenced the review into the current status of Labor’s FTTP NBN model.

    For more information, you can head to Turnbull’s website –

    Image credit: Malcolm Turnbull’s Facebook

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