Turns out Turnbull was dead wrong about NBN demand, people do want ultrafast NBN

Aussie Broadband has announced that the new ultra-fast NBN plans that deliver 1000Mbps down and 50Mbps up, are incredibly popular. So popular are the new residential plans, that they helped to break sales records for the third day in a row. 

The company said over 2,289 new and existing customers have taken up, or upgraded to, the new tier, and a further 850 on the 250/25 tier, both launched last Friday (29 May, 2020).

So much for Malcolm Turnbull’s attempt to convince everyone that nobody needed (or wanted) the fast internet, sorry Malcolm, 25Mbps isn’t cutting it.

Managing Director Phillip Britt said demand for the new product was much higher than expected. 

“What we have done is actually broken four records in four days. This is just incredible, and an amazing effort by each and every person working in all parts of the business.”

When the product was launched on Friday, Aussie experienced its biggest ever day of organic sales. That huge spike in sales continued over the weekend. 

“We smashed our previous Saturday, Sunday and Monday sales records by between 8-10%,” he said.

Under the new wholesale pricing from NBN, Aussie Broadband now offers a 1000/50 residential service with unlimited data for $149 per month. The new plan is currently available for all FTTP premises and 7% the HFC network.

Like many, I upgraded my FTTP internet connection from 100/40 to the 1000/50 for just A$50pm extra. Sharing SpeedTests over the weekend definitely created a fair bit of conversation and the experience of living with it, is definitely a freeing experience.

My family and I simply use the internet now and don’t have to spend any mental effort considering other use in the house, just use the internet without fear of congestion, or download caps.

This is how the NBN should be for all Australians.

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Aussie has also dropped the prices on its 250Mbps plans including 250/25 unlimited for $129 and 250/100 unlimited for $209.

“We did not dream that the demand for the 1GB and new lower cost 250 plans would be so high.

We think that the plan should achieve off-peak speeds of up to 80-90%, depending on the technology type,”

“I’m really proud of all the team for their efforts and the way they’ve worked to support each other during what has been a pretty hectic few days,” he said. “A huge thank you to everyone in Aussie. This is a family like no other and we are continuing to change the game.”

Phil said. 

Aussie Broadband has noted that the new 1GB plan is a best-effort service and peak evening speeds will vary based on network demand at the time. While the speed does mover around a bit based on the time of day and day of the week, there’s now so much headroom in the bandwidth, that these changes in speed don’t impact performance in a noticeable way.

Last week the company also launched an elastic interconnect platform that it believes is ground-breaking for businesses, enterprise, and managed service providers.

The platform, known as Carbon, will allow users to manage business telco connections at the touch of a button, turning a process that often took months into minutes.

For more information, visit https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/enterprise/business-portal/

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  1. What do you mean “turns out”, People were calling out Turnbull’s lies from day one. Everyone knew he nobbled the NBN to appease Rupert and to protect Foxtel from the streaming services.

    Turnbull wasted $59b of taxpayers dollars for nothing. We have the same copper wires and the same HFC that we had prior to the NBN taking them over.

  2. My NBN connection struggles to get to speed of 30. I had 100+ on my cable to house (Foxtel) It now runs through a 65 year old copper cable. What a debacle, what a mess. NBN told me “unfortunately the technology won’t support speed of 100”, really? This is a so called upgrade. NBN is crap and Turnbull and all politicians should hang there heads in shame.

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