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Twitter has redesigned its homepage (when your not signed in), with a clear focus on their global power. With a world map in the background the bold text of ‘Follow your interests’ the message to new customers is clear, get information on your favourite interests here.

Gone is the flowing list of updates from users and trending topics, I guess twitter finally realised they’re not actually that useful. What is important though is the list of profiles along the bottom. This is clearly a very select group of super users, getting on here would surely add to your follower count, similar to the Suggested User List during the on-boarding process.

Its an interesting development, one current users need not pay attention to, this is really aimed at attracting new users to the platform. Overall its clean, simple and does what it needs to do, get users to signup. One area that is a little broken in the UX is when your taken to the search results page, the UI isn’t consistent, a different shade of blue entirely, it’s a little off-putting.

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Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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