Twitter for iPhone gets Promoted to 3.3

In a brand new update to the Twitter application for iPhone, a bunch of new changes have arrived. Probably the most important is the addition of ‘Promoted’ tweets. Previously these were displayed on and desktop clients like TweetDeck, but this is the first time the mobile client supports it.

If your not familiar how Promoted tweets work, its quite simple. Searching for a term displays a list of results that can be scrolled through, but the promoted tweet is always shown first in the stream. There is a difference in the updated twitter app.. Promoted tweet or trends are displayed at the top of your friends’ stream, so its always front and centre every time you fire up the app.

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Other changes include Autocomplete for @usernames – very handy, saved searched are now collapsed by default (probably so you can see the Promoted trend. Trends are now available for your location, not just the global trends. The compose a tweet screen has been overhauled with a cleaner interface and large ‘insert image’ icons.

Unfortunately one main annoyance of using the Twitter iPhone app is the unread count on Direct Messages, it appears that’s still not resolved.

Twitter 3.3 is available now from the App Store.

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