Twitter update on Windows Phone is a welcome change

New Twitter for WP

The Twitter app on Windows Phone has remained largely unchanged since launch. This morning a new updated version of Twitter has been released and is a very welcome change. The first thing you’ll want to do is set the font size to small, even on the medium you’ll only see 3 posts on a large screen like that of the Lumia 920.

With the font adjusted, the app works great. There’s the familiar pull to refresh feature of the iOS and Android versions of Twitter. The Profile page has been updated with a far superior layout and includes not only your most recent posts, but your recent pictures and suggested users that are similar to you.

Overall the app is just better, the clean and simply UI works perfectly on WP8 and really leverages Microsoft’s design language for the platform. While they could have gone down the path of using the sky blue as the header, they resisted the urge and went with a much more stylish block and white theme with accent colours.

Given some pretty severe restrictions on the previous Twitter app, Rowi had been the preferred twitter app for Windows Phone, with this release, the official app has won me back.

You can grab the update here or read the full blog post over on the Windows Phone blog.

Via WP_Downunder.

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