Uber celebrates 1,000,000 rides in Sydney. 20 Million kms in Aus


In just a single year since launching UberX in Sydney, the company is now celebrating a major milestone. 1 Million UberX trips in Sydney. For a company that has disrupted the embedded transportation networks in Australia and around the globe, they create controversy wherever they go. To succeed at that level is phenomenal and clearly the opposition from the Taxi Industry has done nothing to slow their growth.

In a graphic demonstration of the efficiency that the driver to customer, direct relationship has achieved, the average arrival time is just 4.1 minutes. When was the last time you ordered a cab and it arrived in 4.1 minutes, yep, never.


Uber are pitching themselves as a solution for unemployment and highlight that in the past year, $4 million went to the 30 postcodes with Sydney’s highest unemployment. Creating a platform that allows drivers to leverage their available time to make money is a powerful thing. The average UberX driver works 20 hours a week and earns a staggering $2,500 per month.

Uber also pitches themselves as a solution to the late issues around Sydney’s CBD lockout on the weekends, after midnight, they’ve helped 50,000 people get home. Thanks to a service built on data, Uber knows that Sydney’s hotspots, where the most pickups occur after midnight on Friday and Saturday nights are:

  • Oxford St – Slide, Mr Crackles
  • CBD – Argyle, Cargo Lounge, Star Casino
  • Kings Cross – Hugos, World Bar and the 4 Seasons Chicken Spot
  • Newtown – The Imperial Hotel, Zanzibar, Istanbul on King
  • Double Bay – Casablanca, Pelicano, The Sheaf

Promotions like that of the Supercar tier, as well as delivering kittens and ice cream to people via Uber have done well to publicise the brand here locally. Officially Uber is now in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, but unofficially, Uber drivers are reaching a number of locations outside metro areas.


A big part of the Uber experience is the removal of the payment from the vehicle. Registered users setup accounts before ordering an Uber and simply get in and get out. A few steps away from the vehicle and you’ll have a reciept for the transaction on your phone. For those playing at home, to handle payments, Uber leverages Braintree payments, the dev arm of PayPal.

In a related announcement, Uber has dropped the price of UberX in Victoria by 15% from today. They say an uberX ride from the CBD to Chapel Street will now be up to 50% cheaper than a taxi. Game on.


For more information check out Uber.

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