Uber celebrates New Years with their 1 Billionth trip


Well Happy New Year Taxi industry, your biggest rival just registered the 1 Billionth trip worldwide. That’s an astonishing number and congratulations to the ride sharing service. This year Uber seen a couple of important successes here in Australia, with Uber now becoming legal in the ACT and NSW.

It’s likely we’ll see plenty more movement from the other states and territories in Australia during 2016, paving the way for consumers to choose with their dollars (or credit cards) which service they prefer.

The 1 Billionth Uber ride belongs to Marvin and Ara who took at £5 London uberX ride together on Christmas Eve from London Fields, Hackney to Hoxton in Ara’s blue Honda Insight Hybrid.

For riding their way into the Uber history books, the company is rewarding them with one year’s worth of free rides in rides and the driver-partner will be taking a paid vacation by Uber to a city of his choice.

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