UNECE to experience Tesla FSD V12 at GVRA 2024 this week

    On May 23rd, at the Grand Ridge Virtual Association (GRVA) 2024, Tesla, along with other automakers, will show off the best of their autonomous driving solutions.

    The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) is one of five regional commissions of the United Nations Economic and Social Council. It aims to promote pan-European economic integration and cooperation among its 56 member States. The UNECE covers a wide range of areas, including economic cooperation and integration, environment, housing and land management, population, statistics, sustainable energy, timber, trade, and transport.

    Within the UNECE, the Working Party on Automated/Autonomous and Connected Vehicles (GRVA) focuses on developing international regulations, guidelines, and interpretations for the safety and performance of automated and connected vehicles. The GRVA operates under the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29), a subsidiary body of the UNECE Inland Transport Committee.

    Tesla V12 on display

    In the Ride and Drive Sign-Up spreadsheet, Tesla is featured with the following description, confirming that FSd Supervised (V12) will be on display. Each ride lasts 30 minutes and can support up to 3 people per ride. We’re going to assume that there’s someone from Tesla behind the wheel supervising.

    Tesla will be demonstrating its FSD Supervised system in drive-along rides with four vehicles supported by test engineers.

    FSD Supervised is a level 2 point-to-point ADAS available across North-America that provides a natural, safe and comfortable driving experience both on- and off highway.

    Since version 12 of FSD Supervised, Tesla has transitioned to a full End-2-End AI approach incorporating planning, perception and decision-making which has enabled unparalleled performance and capabilities.

    Tesla will bring 4 cars to the event.

    Also part of the Ride-and-Drive program are technology demonstrations from Aptiv, BMW, Ford, Mobileye, GM and Mercedes.


    Gen 5 ADAS – Jeep Grand Cherokee L

    • Hands-Free L2+ Active Driving Assist
    • -ALC Driver turn stalk initiated
    • – In-lane positioning (lane biasing)
    • – Curve biasing (curve cutting)
    • -Curve speed adjustment
    • – Requires active Jeep Connect subscription


    BMW Highway Assistant offers best-in-class level 2 experience:

    • – Is the driver attentive, BMW Highway Assistant allows to take the hands from the steering wheel.
    • – Highest safety standards through precise driver monitoring, HD Live Maps and second lane guard.
    • – On highways, a symbol shows the availability of BMW Highway Assistant with “Assist Plus”.
    • – Seamless activation by putting the hands off the wheel.


    Ford BlueCruise is a hands-free highway driving technology. This available driver-assistance feature builds on existing technologies, like Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering Assist, to enable hands-free driving. BlueCruise helps make driving less stressful while helping make it a little easier to connect with passengers and enjoy the scenery in front of you.


    Take a ride with Mobileye SuperVision, Mobileye’s eyes-on/hands-off intelligent driving platform powered by 360 degree vision supplemented by radar,

    REM crowdsourced mapping and RSS driving policy.

    For premium safety and comfort, Mobileye SuperVision includes advanced driver-assist features such as autonomous lane change, highway & traffic jam assist, point-to-point automated navigation, adaptive cruise control, evasive maneuver assist, and more.


    General Motors (GM) will be showcasing their vehicles in both a static display and a ride and drive.

    GM/Cruise’s Autonomous Vehicles will be present at the static display for attendees to view and sit in.

    For the Ride and Drive, GM will showcase vehicles with Super Cruise hands-free driver assistance technology. Join GM to explore and learn about our latest ADAS and ADS technologies.


    With the “Automatic Lane Change” function, Mercedes-Benz is offering further intelligence within its SAE Level 2 driver assistance offering. Automatic Lane Change is supported on freeways with clear lane markings present and a structural division or sufficient space to the opposing direction of travel.

    The “Automatic Lane Change” function is available when Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC and Active Steering Assist are active.

    If a slower vehicle is driving ahead, the vehicle can initiate a lane change to the left in the speed range of 40-85 mph and will move back to the original lane when possible to be an exemplary driver.

    With active route guidance, the system also assists in moving to the lane that will best prepare you for an upcoming freeway exit or highway interchange. At any time, the driver can cancel the maneuver by braking, counter steering or by activating the turn signal in the opposite direction.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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