Victoria Police using ANPR to ensure Sydney-siders stay in NSW after COVID-19 outbreak worsens

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    Victoria Police are leveraging high-resolution, cloud-based Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology to identify those with NSW number plates, who are found in Victoria. The system, supplied by Motorolla, can then cross-check the registration of the vehicle, with the registered address of the owner and determine if they should or should not be in VIC.

    On the spot fines of up to $5,000 are being issued for people who break the stay at home orders and attempt to cross state boundaries after the latest NSW Covid-19 outbreak worsens.

    Back in 2018, Victoria Police signed a five-year, state-wide managed service contract valued at around AUD$17M to fit out 220 Highway Patrol vehicles with the latest in-car video technology. The technology has now been in place since 2019.

    That technology enables police to rapidly scan through thousands of number plates. At the time, the intention was to identify dangerous and unauthorised drivers in real-time. This helped detect stolen and unregistered vehicles, as well as resolve offences including traffic violations, speeding and more.

    Unlike hard state border lockdowns of the past, so far, the NSW/VIC borders remain open, important for those of us who live and work across borders like Albury/Wodonga, Cobram/Barooga, Yarrawonga/Mulwala and towns right down the Murray River.

    With border bubbles permitting people in an approved area to traverse the state border without issue, the challenge of verifying each number plate of tens of thousands of cars per day is perfectly suited to a technology application.

    Repurposing the ANPR tech to identify those who choose to disregard public health orders to stay at home, appears to be a great use for the technology and it’s fortunate we already have it in place.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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