Vidblaster 1.12 beta released – improved CPU usage

    Vidblaster 1.12

    For those unfamiliar with Vidblaster, it’s a software application that can handle switching between multiple cameras, screen captures, local images and video, take all that and send it to your favourite streaming provider (uStream, etc).

    Those familiar with Vidblaster will know it’s pretty brutal on processor utilization. Depending on how many modules your using and at what resolution, you may hit 100% CPU usage. This is likely to drop your stream and bad luck if your trying to do anything else on your computer at the same time. If your rocking a shiny new Core i7 processor this won’t be a problem, but even on my primary system – a Intel Q9650 – 3Ghz Core 2 Quad processor, it can be a struggle.

    Developer and creator of Vidblaster Mike Versteeg is incredibly responsive to feedback and iterates the product rapidly. In this latest release Mike ads the following changes, one of the most important being improved CPU usage.

    * Added support for Broadcast edition
    * Added feature to select video renderers (Broadcast only)
    * Added streaming bitrates up to 30 Mbps (Broadcast only)
    * Video Replay module now available in all editions
    * Added several stream quality settings for Streamer module
    * Added feature to stream to network port (aka WM Pull)
    * Added Host IP address to streamer’s Info dialog
    * Added video effect "Split, Horizontal, Corrected"
    * Added Info dialog with set & measured frame rates to monitor modules
    * Improved frame updating (less jitter)
    * Improved support for multiple external monitors
    * Improved support for screen capture of multi monitor desktops
    * Improved CPU usage
    * Improved stability
    * Improved interfacing with FMLE
    * Improved Recorder
    * Improved support for Windows 7
    * Improved frame rate accuracy
    * Fixed several minor bugs

    To grab the update, check out

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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