Video of the world’s most innovative smartphone [warning: Dubstep inside]


Last night we covered the announcement, well now the official press videos are out. Of course they are chock full of dubstep beats, turn it up if you like or mute if you don’t. Either way, enjoy the new Nokia phones animated before your eyes. If you didn’t want one before, after watching these videos, you will or you may want to check for a pulse.

There’s also a couple of videos showcasing the technology inside of the phones, Puremotion stops scrolling blur thanks to fast refreshing of the pixels. Optical image stabilisation in the 920 is the first time we’ve seen it in a phone and is there to end blurry mobile photos.

Enough with the reading this post is all about the videos, enjoy.

Nokia Lumia 920


Nokia PureMotion


Optical Image Stabilisation on the Nokia Lumia 920 PureView

Nokia Lumia 820

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